WP 4 Training and support to innovation transfer

1.     Model for the adaptation of the process of on-the-job learning of the key competences of the Valorisator, defining and distinguishing strategic/managerial skills from technical/operational skills in the context of waste recycling/reuse – on DVD (with video accounts of meetings and training sessions).

Study visit Belgium

Report Belgium Study Visit May2013 EN

Report Belgium Study Visit May2013 IT

Presentation ATELJEE (Belgian social enterprise)

Presentation ATELJEE 2

Presentation Les Petits Riens (Belgian social enterprise)

ENVIE Strasbourg visit introduction

ENVIE Strasbourg visit slides IT

ENVIE Strasbourg visit slides FR

2.     Guidelines for the identification of the Valorisator job profile, its key skills/competences in the context of social economy and of a common approach to the transfer of the system to the receiving countries.