• A new professional profile in the field of reuse and recycling
  • Innovative multidisciplinary model of training for entrepreneurs/managers/workers
  • New professional function in the “social green” labour market
  • Maximize reuse and recycling through innovative training model


The scope of the SIFOR project – Sistema formativo al valore-lavorodelriuso is to develop a training scheme for identifying the value of reuse and reusable goods, creating a new professional profile known as the Waste Valorizer.  The Waste Valorizer will merge the skills of sustainable waste management and social entrepreneurship in order to develop an innovative multidisciplinary training system. Furthermore this project aims to provide an in depth understanding of reuse and preparation for reuse activities within the structures of social enterprises.

Latest News

On the 31stof October, thOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAe European project SIFOR will officially come to an end. What is the heritage of this project aimed at exchanging waste management know-how between European regions?

Initiated by the Region of Emilia Romagna … (read more…)

Pic 1 On September 29th, the partnership of SIFOR moved to Brussels for a dissemination seminar organised by RREUSE. The seminar was the occasion to show to a selected number of participants representing vocational training bodies, social enterprises, reuse centres … (read more…)